Stock tanks and F2P thoughts

I start playing WoT when it was in beta. Since then, i have played several thousand games (about 18-20k i think) in 2 accounts. (i abandoned my first account , since i pretty much went bankrupt, because for some reason i kept selling and rebuying the same tanks over and over. I was 14-15 yo tho.)

So all in all i can say i have a very good feel about the game. I have been through most "eras", and i know about strenghts and weaknesses of almost any vehicle. (weakspots, guns, who can outspot me, etc.) What I'm trying to say is that I'm somewhat experienced. Not a very good player statistically, but definitely not new to the game.

I get the 1st mark of excellence in almost every vehicle i play for 100 battles, but i got only one 2nd mark.

I should also mention that im mostly F2P. I have some premiums (Skorpion G, Patriot) because, lets face it, you can't really afford to make progress without them, but i have only bought premium account once, for like 2 or 3 months.

So why I'm saying all that. The "problem" is that i think i should be able to affect the outcome of the battle more often. (I'm not complaining for those matches where the score is 0-12 in 2 minutes.) I think that a great factor is that i have to play with stock, or not fully upgraded vehicles. I mean, how can you affect a battle when lets say you got super low pen because you have the first gun. Or maybe you are a light without the upgraded turret and engine. You can't be competitive against even lower tiers some times. I feel like this is soo unnecessary.

Why don't WG just make every vehicle fully upgraded, but still add the xp you need to unlock the next. Just without the modules..? I think this is one of the reasons why so many battles lately are so one sided. It's not rare these days to lose or win within 5 mins.

Sorry for the lengtht post, i had some free time.


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