Strategies for the ‘Return of the Waffentrager’ event (at least the ones that worked for me)

*Note: Take my words with a grain of salt, I'm not a veteran WoT player and I'm sure there are many, much more talented player out there who can give you better advice. Here are just the strategies that worked for me.


– Split up into two groups and head for different camps and generators, this will force the BT E110 to pick one over the other. Obviously this is not always possible especially if you go solo so choose the camp with the least number of harriers.

– As soon as his shields are down, throw everything you have at him but don't get carried away. Once there is only 10-15 sec before the shields are restored, start running away. He's slower than even the Thunderbolt so you may not need to use your charge.

– Time the kill on the last sentinel of a camp so that they die just as the shield of the BT E110 is restored. This helps minimise the time wasted between each generator overload, as the generators are active 45 sec after the shields are restored whereas the plasma dissipates a minute after the last sentinel is killed in a camp, giving you a 15 sec window.

– Protect the player who has the plasma. From experience, the BT E110 tends to go after the player who has the plasma and if the player with the plasma dies, the overload of the generators is reset to 0.

– Use your charge to run away from the BT E110, especially after the shield is restored or if you have the plasma and need to get to one of the generators.

BT E110:

– If possible, head to the camp nearest to the generators. Otherwise, head to the camp with the least number of sentinels

– When a camp is destroyed, hyper-focus the player with the plasma and ignore everyone else, you have 32k hitpoints to use and your shield will help mitigate most of the damage.

– If you think you can't reset the generators being overloaded in time, start running away. The harriers may only deal ~350 dmg per shot, but if all 7 are on you, you will lose your hitpoints very quickly.

Once again, I'm not a veteran player so take my words with a grain of salt. If you have any other strategies for playing as the Harriers or the BT E110 or an improved variant of the ones I have, please let me know and I'll update this as well as credits. Good luck on the battlefield!


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