T71 DA vs. AMX 13 57

Since the AMX 13 57 is for sale again (at least on NA) I figured I would make a thread to discuss the tank and it's closest competitor, the T71 DA. These two tanks are a couple of my best performing vehicles and my performance in each is pretty similar. Which tank do you prefer or think is more competitive and why?

T71 DA benefits:

  • available to free-to-play players and all the time
  • better alpha damage for when you can only shoot once or twice
  • default APCR rounds so you don't have to fire gold as often
  • essentially the same aim time as reload time (2 sec) so your bloom can reset fully between shots
  • much more overall potential damage so there's less risk of running out of ammo

AMX 13 57 benefits:

  • premium tank that can use and train other crews and make good credits
  • faster APCR rounds that are much cheaper than the DA's premium HEAT rounds
  • faster clip unload/ unique 1 second reload time within the magazine
  • slightly more hitpoints (+50)

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pu587b/t71_da_vs_amx_13_57/

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