TDs aren’t meta anymore – MT mission 15 needs changing

So medium tank mission 15 for the T55-A is to deal 2500 damage to enemy tank destroyers. The mission for the Obj. 260 is 3500 damage to enemy tank destroyers. And in today’s meta, this simply isn’t feasible anymore.

Because of the amount of damage you have to do, it’s best to try doing these missions at Tier X, as there’s more health, DPM, etc. And you’re also going to want to go up against Tier X TDs as they have bigger health pools to farm. So you’re looking at trying to get Tier X only matchmaking for these missions.

However, there’s a problem. Tank destroyers generally are not very favourable in the meta nowadays, as they aren’t flexible enough due to having no turret. And the ones that do have turrets generally aren’t that good. So not many people really play them.

I started to notice this especially in ranked, where in each game there was usually only one tank destroyer per side, and some games didn’t have any at all. Even in random battles, it’s rare to see more than two tank destroyers per side in a Tier X game. Assuming they are both JagdPz. E100s, that’s 4400 health. So you have to kill one outright and get a shot or two into the other to do the mission for the T-55a, and that’s also whilst trying to win and fight everything else.

How often do you get to farm an entire Tier X TD? Not very often. But these missions practically require you to do it because of the scarcity of Tier X TDs in the meta.

Sure, tank destroyers are much more common at Tier VIII, because premium TDs make good credits, but then we are talking killing two whole TDs and then getting a shot or two into a third to just get the mission for the T-55a. Furthermore, as the most common TD at Tier VIII is the Skorpion, you’re likely going to have to fight through a load of enemy tanks just to get to them, as they’ll likely be camping at the back. So you have to scramble through a few tanks just to get to the TDs at the back, then hope that your team don’t farm them before you. And you have to farm up over two entire health pools. Fun.

Now I’m not saying that it can’t be done – if you find yourself against a donkey platoon and you do nothing in the game but just try and get damage on the tank destroyers, you’ll probably manage it eventually. But those games are one in a few hundred, especially in the meta nowadays. It’s just not practical.

Personally, I’d change the missions to doing 1000 damage or so to enemy tank destroyers, then maybe getting 6 kills or something. 1000 damage is much more achievable, and the mission is still tricky as you have to get a top gun on top of that. This’ll mean you don’t have to rely on the matchmaker being nice to get your mission done.

What do we think?


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