The Armor of the UDES 15/16 tested. A Guide

So as per usual once again I got you a video explaining the armor of the UDES 15/16. Here you got the live examples and shot testing 🙂

Before though I want to explain why exactly I use the Jgdtiger 88 compared to any other t8 medium. TL:DR, Jgdtiger 88 has the same penetration as most T8 mediums, is more accurate and has better DPM meaning it is faster to do the testing and more reliable hence why I choose it.

Okey so to the armor. The cupolas are very small and decently thick. It is 200mm of base armor which can even go a bit better depending on what angle. Nevertheless most T10 tanks should not struggle too much penetrating the cupolas and they are easier to hit then the ones of a Kranvagn. Problem is its size though, this might lead to some frustrating to actually hit em. The lower and upper front plate are both extremly weak. Lowerplate at no angle and 70mm and upper plate at a somewhat good angle at 60mm ( meaning 183 and Stage 2 have overmatch). The 60mm upperplate is however a good way to bounce APCR rounds when in a hull down position.

Engine Deck is 50mm thick meaning that everything above 152mm has a decently easy time penning it when you shoot AP.

Above the tracks is a sliver of 20mm armor which is overmatch for everything above 60mm in caliber and it can lead to detracks frontally with damage.

The turret itself is impressivly strong. Only the bulge on the right hand side can be penned at around 40% chance with 340mm heat. Grille 15 and 268V4 have also chances of penning it with AP. The “biggest” Premium round weakspot might be though where the gun meets its gunbreach / gun mounting. Funny enough it looks like it is a cylindrical shape, but the damage model says otherwise. Just flat 280mm armor, Most T10 premiumrounds can pen it.

The sideskirts extend upwards giving additional 5mm of armor + the benefit of exploading HE shells. The gasoline cans are even 20mm thick and your side armor is 50mm ( which is muuuch better then the 40mm of the T9 vehicle #thet9videocomessoontoo)

The boxes on the back also count as space armor with several layers. It can hold of HEAT shells from penetrating, but don’t rely on it. Good thing is it also exploads HE shots meaning against wheelie boys its quite an effective vehicle…. atleast sideways and at the back.

Talking about HE, the turret has A LOT of weak parts which are not really accessible to normal tanks, but HE guns. aka arty , FV’s and Type 4/5’s can do significant damage by just splashing HE at. It is actually pretty strong. On The t9 tank you can do reliable 200 dmg with the 105mm gun of the AMX 30B on their turrets. Same goes for the T10 tank. The T10 tank definitly has a counter in HE spam, plus arty loves it and with only 3 crewmembers the chance of one dying is very high.

Lastly, up front you have also your fueltanks. as soon as they get hit two times by 105mm+ guns you are going to burn when the saving throws don’t save you.

In conclusion:

Strong hulldown vehicle but has some weakspots. The cupola ones are “okey” but not the too strong. Hard to hit though as they are very small. Lower and upper plate are easy going in most cases. Neat little 20mm weakspot above tracks and lastly, it is pretty weak against HE in general. So yes, Arty and Type4/5’s love this tank to shoot at.

Thank you for your attention, let me know some feedback for the vid and have a good day

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