The “Take your heavy to hill on Malinovka” experience

Got a heavy on Malinovka? 90% of the time, you'll go hill.

Got 3 artillery on each time on Malinovka? Prepare for the most frustrating experience of your life.

The windmill at the top of the map does not provide enough cover period. Heavies will be stunned for 80% of their fight duration or more. I'd even wager that 80% of taken damage (in a 3-arty-per-side game) will come from artillery.

This isn't just one of those "JuSt PlAy ArTy SaFe" situations, and this sentiment has been expressed by a large number of players including the great Circonflexes:

I think Malinovka needs more cover on top of the hill. I'm not saying that we need to build a Great Wall of China up top, but the itty bitty windmill just doesn't provide for an intelligent heavy-tank experience. You spend several minutes climbing a giant only to be splashed to death because there is no reliable cover, yet there's no other meaningful place for heavies to go BUT the hill.

This map's hill deserves a redesign. 3-arty Malinovka is hell for heavy tank players.


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