Thoughts on kill farming?

Battle on Lakeville. I got tangled up with a couple yoloing lights on the lake road and ended up slipping into the lake early (I know, embarrassing). I decided to observe one of the better players on the team for the rest of the match in his Obj. 260. While he ended up with 2nd highest damage and 5-kills, I noticed that he always held his last shot on a kill, until others got it down to a 1-shot. I'm not talking about a couple seconds, I'm talking about having enough time to get two shots in easily, but waiting for the kill shot.

Now he's a way better player than I, so I'm not gonna criticize him for it, but I was just wondering how that's viewed from a general perspective. He could have had at least three more full shots of damage on his damage totals probably more. We ended up winning handily, but at the time I noticed this, the game was still fairly close.

Is it just something the better players do to help keep their Win8 up or something? I always approach the game with the mindset that damage is king and kills are just icing on the cake. Maybe he just saw the team pushing hard with him and chose to capitalize on the situation and wouldn't have done so otherwise? It could be a bit of good player thinking I just haven't developed, yet.


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