Hi reddit.

I am making this post right now, and thinking about how bad my karma would be.

So, what is theme for this post? It's HP logic, and I am gonna tell you what about correctly.

I got frustrated by new premium tanks, especially Obj. 274a, 122 TM is not problem for me because I didn't play for that tank. And I don't see problem to much. So why HP is a problem.

These are survivability stats in Obj. 274a,


HP 1200

Hull 95/70/45

Turret 220/130/60

And these are survivability stats in Progetto 46


HP 1400

Hull 60/30/20

Turret 80/60/25


Do you see that HP difference and hull&turret difference.

So you wanna tell me that, even that Obj. 274a has more armor in hull than Progetto in turret, Progetto has more HP.

Some people are telling me that Obj. 274a has armor, pls don't screw around like an idiot, because everyone is spamming that "special" ammunition nowadays. 2×2 and boom.

So no armor in hull, no gun depression, and less HP than tank that has good gun and mobility, but no fricking armor in turret.

These are good and bad thinks in Obj. 274a,

No gun depression

Good turret

Derpy gun but good DPM for tier VIII

Good hull armor if you are hulldown (but -6 depression)

Bad mobility, but bad accelerating

Slow turret rotation

Cursed armor in hull

You can sidescrap

But you die really fast because you only need 3 shots from heavy tanks and you are dead.

Now for Progetto

Good gun depression

Fast accelerating

Good mobility

Not good concealment 25 with BIA, cammo, and even pizza.

Good dpm if you get to flanking enemies

No armor

More potential

PS, Bourrasque has 1250 HP -_- .

Maus, E100, Type 5 heavy, are monsters. Big tanks with good armor a lot of HP. And then you have:

IS-7, 277, IS-4, ST-II, 705a, Pz. Kpfw. VII, Type 57, T110E5, AMX 50B, AMX M4 54, Super Conq., WZ115, 113, 60TP, Kranvagn, Rinoceronte… These are heavy tanks with less than 3k HP. Even thought E100 has 2700, but he is a MEAT.

My solution is to rebalance all HP in every tank, because you have more than 600 tanks, and still unfair things.

Nerf, buff whatever, but fair and square is solution. Now, let's go to rebalance my karma down to minus 50 .

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