[Unpopular opinion] Holiday lootboxes really worth it? Maybe not

Hey guys, i was considering buying a bunch of lootboxes and, being my first purchase for wot and me disliking lootboxes i had to check if they were worth it or not, and my opinion is: maybe not

I know the general opinion is that they are the best bang for your buck you can get in the game, and also there are some great guides from past events that do show that they can be quite great, like this one: https://www.13disciple.stream/18–19-loot-box-guide.html

But for me they may not be the case, and, in short, here´s why:

  • I´m only interested in gold and tier 8 premium vehicles, dont really care for premium days, styles or low tier premium vehicles (i wouldnt pay money for it – specially if its a CHANCE to get the one i DO want).

  • I´m not buying too many lootboxes (25 boxes) so i can´t expect to get a tier 8 premium. Also, i cant expect to get duplicates of low tier premium tanks, so i dont count in getting extra gold from duplicates. Moreover, i dont have those low tier tanks in my account alredy.
    (PD: I should do another calculation of gold value per box counting those low tier premium tanks, but its not interesting for me and i need to go to bed 🙂 )

  • You can get about 275-290 gold per € in WG store (305 if u spend 100€)

  • If I buy 25 lootboxes for 40€, i hope to get at least 440 gold from each box to match the WG store gold price (at 275 gold per €)

  • Using quickybaby lootbox opening video for 200 boxes as a sample, theres a 330 gold per lootbox average (i can link a google docs i made from his video)

So, if you just want gold, and you are buying just a few lootboxes, I think maybe lootboxes are NOT worth it.

EDIT: In other words – If you are just interested in gold, and dont really care for the other things, buy the gold, and ignore the gamble on tier 8 premiums. If you are buying larger quantities of boxes, this probably would not apply and boxes have great value.

I know lots of guides points that gold value average per box is 460, or even 716 gold value per box as quickybaby showed in his video. But in those value calculations, ask yourself: Would i really pay money for those tier VI tanks, the credits, the garage slots, the premium time? For ALL of them, not just the tanks you do kinda want.

Just sharing my thoughts while i decided if i should buy lootboxes or just gold for future black market and premium tanks trade in (and maybe a lt432 advent calendar offer).

I hope i didnt fuck up with math -_- If i did please let me know, also I want to hear your thoughts!
PD: Sry for engrish lol

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