My biggest gripe with Valheim. The terrain.

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

I love the game and I love playing it as though it was Minecraft. Building things is by far my favorite thing to do. However no matter how many worlds I have searched I have never found a place that isn't just some sort of mountain. Sure there are some small Islands and here and there. But even plains often times just leads up a hill or a mountain most of the time. I wish there were cliffs along side the water, so that I could build and epic castle on their edge. Or fjords, there are rivers between small hills, but they're not fjords. Or vast plains that lead to no hill. Plateaus would be cool as well. I understand the purpose of the game isn't for it to be a Minecraft replacement. But it would be very cool do have some more diversified terrain in line with Norse and European terrain. (But if the game ever does evolve to be more like Minecraft, villagers would be cool, although that doesn't really fit with the lore afaik)


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