what did the racing mode triggered inside me?

I used to play racing simulators since early 90's; 'Indianapolis 500' on Amiga 500, and 'F1 grand prix 2' on PC. Then on mid 90's there were like 'Nascar Racing', and few years ago I used to rule the whole rFactor online racing, 60's GT cars. And I stopped racing, because I was tired of it. And now! NOW! WOT made a damn racing game mode, and the old predator instincs kicked in, like I'm some kind of old Kimi Räikkönen. So. I have to share this with you, some racing advice from a online world championshitster;

– Alwayts take the inside corner, or those noobs will lean on you, and crash you

– Make only little movements with the left+right, or you lose speed and momentum

– Always keep your eyes on the horizon, the next corner

– Use the '4' turbo key always, every time it is possible, it dont matter if it's a corner, don't 'save it' to a straight

– AAAaand: right click to the OP T-50 and keep your left mouse button pressed down

– Always use T-50 (best damage per minute; it's a russian game, god damn it…)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dbgv5b/what_did_the_racing_mode_triggered_inside_me/

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