Why are so many players playing passively with all types of tanks? And I mean passively as in passively as it gets. (EU server)

I don't play this game actively anymore since 2015 because if I would I'd have a mental breakdown long ago but I still return to the game and play it for missions, events, frontlines and so on when I don't feel like playing first person shooters. You know WoT is a slower game than FPS'.

So what I'm on about is how people play this game, it feels like it slowed down a whole lot more since the days I played it actively. I see people just waiting around not moving, spotting or shooting anything. And I don't mean 1,2 or 3 players I mean half of the team if not more. Situations like being alone on one side of the map and getting wrecked by 9 enemy tanks while 13 of my allied tanks are on the other side of the map waiting instead of pushing forward with numerical superiority. Instead battles result in the team being cornerd into 10% of the map and shot like fish in a barrel.

It's been happening the entire week. I push forward, get shot by many many tanks and my allies are just waiting. I move forward spot 80% of enemy team on my side of the map but my allies on the other side of the map are stationary until surrounded.

It's either that or both team play passively as f**k so you end up with very boring uneventful games. It's a game and I'm literally tabbing out of it to check mail, write on Skype or Discord, browse online shops because so many times nothing happens.

Why? Why are people okay with these type of battles?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cr7oja/why_are_so_many_players_playing_passively_with/

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