Why IMO QB is wrong about the upcoming Anonymizer feature.

QB's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U7vU4T6p-M

While I agree with a lot of points he made in the preview, to me it's not as clear-cut as his opinions. Again these are my 'opinion', and take with grain of salt.

As QB keeps repeating throughout the video, he is the most focused player in EU/NA. Am I being focused as much as him? LUL NO. Am I as good player as him? Idk probably.

But for me World of Tanks is a 'game', where I play for my own 'fun'. In compare it's part of the entertainment QB provides for his streams. Would I complain if I earned $1mil/yr+ for being focused in a video game? Nope. But when the only thing I'm trying to gain from the game is being ruined because some SPG decides to shoot me all game looking at some numbers, isn't it a waste of my time?

And no it doesn't ONLY help 1% of the unicums/streamers. If everyone had fair focusable possibilities, maybe just maybe the typical arty players would actually shoot the heavys/where they need to help instead of keeping the lone unicum stunned half the game. Which should improve gameplay for everyone, not just the people being focused now.

Would I rather have the Double barreled tanks sooner? Or literally ANY actual 'content' instead of the Anonymizer in 1.7 update? YES. But since WG has already developed it, we might as well embrace it instead of criticizing them for something new.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dzuz1p/why_imo_qb_is_wrong_about_the_upcoming_anonymizer/

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