Why teaming pays off or yet another reason report system does not work

Teaming in steel huner mode provides advantage in any game stage. That's clear. The scoring system is not "the winner takes it all", but "the higher position, the better", so each participating cheater gains profit every time. But does report system work?

As I mentioned several times in comments, current reporting system is ridiculous – according to https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/steel-hunter-teaming/ it requires pretty much work from the reporter – preparing video (not the replay!), sending screenshots etc. Not just choosing the "report" from the menu. This is just making players do WG's support work.

How about penalties? They are ridiculous too. First attempt is 3 day ban, second is 7 day ban, third one is ban until the end of the event. No permban for cheating at all. No profit loss. It's like saying "teaming is bad and you shouldn't do it (too much 😉 )".

Support does not act instantly. Let's assume, they need only a few hours for reaction. Let's also assume, that the average chevron income for cheaters is 2 per battle (not too much), and they can play 6 battles every hour. During weekend they can spend 3 hours on playing, which will get them 36 chevrons on first day. This is lvl 15. Then they got ban for 3 days and… they can repeat the whole process, getting 72 chevrons, which is almost lvl 25 (they need 2 chevrons more).

So it's possible to reach lvl 25, getting all the bonds in just 6 hours of playing, losing 10 days of game. This is the worst case scenario. And teaming is common, even in "better" clans:



Players were removed from clans, but I wonder for how long? They don't even hide, teaming with clanmates is very easy to spot.

How do I see penalties? First attempt – one week ban + all profit from steel hunter lost. Second one – all profit lost plus permban on steel hunter mode + at least two weeks of game ban.

Disclaimer: I play solo mode only, got lvl 15 without teaming, average chevrons per battle over 1. Don't see cheaters often, don't report them, as this is useless and time consuming – prefer to play another battle instead.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/d1mysq/why_teaming_pays_off_or_yet_another_reason_report/

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