With progress such as finally removing friendly fire, why the fuck is being flipped over still a thing?

Colored mad as all hell, but again, why the flying fuck is getting turned on your side still a thing?

Because this game so realistic? With its HP pools, fantasy tanks and severely altered penetration values?

Just had a match in my SuperPershing where a slight miscalculation while going down a small jump ended up with me on my side.

Surprisingly enough, someone actually tried to help me. Unfortunately, it was a tier 6 stock VK 36.01, with no horsepower whatsoever to move my 50 tonne tank.

Poor guy tried but ended up being punished by a drooling progetto 46, now with no tier 8 opposition to curb his tier 6 farm.

So there I am, stuck on my side, from the start of the match up until I get farmed as well. But I'm also strictly forbidden from abandoning the match, as Wargaming likes to point out, or I might face dire punishment.

This is something that should have been thought of ever since they introduced these half-assed "realistic" physics.

There's a million ways to solve it, from being another option for the repair kit, to having some sort of teammate-to-teammate towing mechanic or to something as silly as the reset mechanic in the Great Race (which at least is something).

So I ask again, besides the general despise from Wargaming towards the playerbase, why is being stuck on your side still a thing?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dezrx8/with_progress_such_as_finally_removing_friendly/

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