World of Tanks Console?

I've been questioning this for so long as to why the console version of WoT is nothing like the PC version.

The one thing I think makes it so much harder to play and actually excel over a certain pool of players, is that there is no way to keep track of which tanks are where on the map, and where they were last spotted. Personally this is one of the biggest features I'd like to see on the console version as I've played a fair bit on PC and I implement it into every game, yet I cant do this on console and it puts a wedge on my performance as I find myself making judgement calls more often than not, rather than knowing facts.

My second point is one that really hurts us over on console, the fact that you cant buy and use different parts of tanks as you choose. For example, let's say I want to use the stock turret on the M4A3E2 but want to attach the 105mm gun, this isn't a thing. Maybe only having to buy one track upgrade to be able to install a new gun and turret, instead of being forced to buy packages that install stuff you dont want or need on the tank.

There are plenty of other features I can understand why they are not in console version, such as chat… unless you're using a keyboard attachment to your controller it's completely useless. I really want some key features from PC WoT in the console versions, as it's so much different and feels more like an arcade game to me than a simulator like it does on PC.

Does anyone else share my thoughts here, or want to discuss this aswell?


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