4K UI Scaling in .12 – Working method

Hi there

Now, since .12 dropped i am sure i'm not the only one who has been frustrated with the UI scaling on ultrawide monitors, i've tried all the old tricks in the book to no avail.. (listed under)

  • Borderless launch, game resolution 1920×1080, tick/untick fullscreen (which is now changed to a dropdown menu)
  • Override UI scaling by games in nvidia control panel
  • DSR change

After giving up and just playing with the native UI I grew frustrated over time and dove back into it, and I found a solution that still works. All credit for the method goes to platinums99 from whom i found the post from (original post)

Here is how it works

  • Download and install "Borderless Gaming" from their GitHub page
  • Launch Escape From Tarkov
  • Launch the Borderless Gaming application
  • Add Escape From Tarkov to your Favourites(automatic) in the application
  • In EFT set your resolution to 1920×1080 and windowed mode in the drop down window.

The application should scale the UI propperly.

NOTE: Make sure your monitor resolution is set to it's default resolution

I hope this serve some help to some of you out there.. keep lootin'!

Proof of concept, NOTE: check bottom-left corner for game version

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dx8fq8/4k_ui_scaling_in_12_working_method/

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