A small but interesting bit of advice about determining the value of a weapon in your stash..

Most players will know of the flea market and how to find the price of base guns, attachments, mags individually..

However what if you extract with a raider weapon that you wish to sell on the flea? Without having to manually look up the price of each individual component, there is a handy and quick way to find the total cost of a weapon that many don't know about!

For this to work you will need to be level 10+ so you have access to the flea and have at least level 1 workbench so you can edit presets.

Steps below:

1) right click your weapon while it sits in your stash.

2) select edit preset.

3) in this new screen, towards the top left you should see "find parts". Click that.

4) a flea market screen will open, you will need to delete the filters for "trader only" so that both player and trader items are visible.

5) this should now show you every part of the gun and the current lowest price for each individual part.

6) right at the bottom a grand total is shown which is a good indicator of the actual total value of the weapon.

I often use this to determine the rough cost of a weapon and deduct a few thousand roubles before I put it up for sale. I recently sold one of Reshala's AKs for 250k using this method!

You can also do this while looking at flea market pre-kitted weapons to see if they are good value against buying parts individually

Hope this helps someone

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kr10e2/a_small_but_interesting_bit_of_advice_about/

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