An Encouraging Word to Newcomers

Hey Guys,

First of all, the Liturgy… Tarkov Gives and Tarkov Takes

After scrolling through this sub for about an hour tonight, I realized that maybe some of the newcomers (and even intermediate players) could use an encouraging word. This is not a post about the direction of the game: none of us are really surprised at where its going. We all play it for a reason. We love Tarkov.

Some of the Posts recently have been focused around making the game more enjoyable. After scrolling through these posts and seeing some "elitists" reply with "Get gud, scrub" or "weLl DoNt pLaY iT tHEn," I realized maybe something needed to be said.

We know Tarkov and its learning curve is massive… The benefit of this is the plethora of play-styles that can be explored. Exploring multiple ways to play may be a part of the solution to enjoying the game. It's easy to watch streams, and see Pestily wipe entire servers, and proceed to extract with 2mil roubles. But the reality is, we aren't Pestily, and it is perfectly fine to play to our own strengths and moods.

I started this patch thinking I had to wipe servers, get that impeccable K/D and survival rate while also completing 2+ quests per raid. Reality hit me when I stopped progressing around lvl 20, and was sitting at a 16% survival rate. I've watched the video guides you have – I know where to go for loot, how to get kills, wait to loot… etc. But something needed to change, and that was my playstyle. When you are completely tensed up because you have no clue what could happen next, dont expect to come out on top. If you want to do better in raids, approach problems from angles that make you comfortable. Also, if you're trying to play the same way everyone else in this game plays, you become predictable. Play to your own strengths, and believe me, you will kill some level 40+ players who will then be scratching their head and asking "Why the FUCK was he there?"

Since deciding to find my own personal playstyle, I've jumped to level 35 with a 37% survival rating. Doing this required my creating my own looting paths that create timings and opportunities other players aren't used too. Also, I learned to not shoot PMC's on sight. Playing as a solo player, I'd more often than not kill 1 or 2 players in a squad and die to the 3rd that I never saw. There are a few other gimmicks I've picked up, but I prefer not to say everything.

Anyways, Happy Hunting!


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