Best Mosin Silencer setup is not Bramit but it costs just as little

So, right now Bramit costs around 45-50k rubles.

With the same money you can get a Wave QD (33-35k) into a Wave Muzzle Brake 7.62×51 (8k from mechanic II / 15-20k from market) and slap all that into a Tiger Rock Mosin thread adapter (3k jaeger II) = 45k rubles

And what do you get for all that compared to the bramit?

  • Ergo higher by +2,
  • 3% better accuracy,
  • +2.25 better muzzle velocity,
  • 7% better recoil (not that anyone cares about that on a bolt action sniper rifle but just saying).
  • Almost half the weight: Bramit weighs 1.1kg, while this setup comes out at < 0.67kg total for all three parts put together, which is 60% of bramit's weight. Thanks to /u/HoszDelgado for asking about it or i would have never thought to look into it.

For a setup that can potentially cost you less than a bramit if you have mechanic II unlocked, having so much better accuracy and muzzle velocity is kind of a big deal for long range shots. It also makes the damned broomstick half a kilo lighter.

ALTERNATIVELY: If you don't have mechanic II unlocked, you might have a hard time finding a wave muzzle break for cheap. In that case you can look at getting a Weapon Tuning Mosin Rifle tread adapter + the dtk-4 silencer instead. You get 1% lower accuracy and -1 ergo compared to the Wave QD but you can save something like 5-10k rubles depending on the mood of the market flippers. It's also 200grams lighter for what that's worth. If you DO have mechanic II, though, then they both come at around the same price. Thanks to /u/Rehlo3 for pointing it out.

PSA: If you are trying to do the Tarkov Shooter part.7 quest then you NEED TO USE THE BRAMIT. The other silencers won't work. Just keep it in mind. Thanks to /u/Johannesbrod for the heads-up!


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