build portals like an underground network

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King Thorvaldr of Ofuk sends his warmest greetings to all inhabitants of Valheim, and has sent his herald to the land of Reddit in order to end the unorganised portal madness he sees in foreign realms..

"All cities in the glorious realm of Ofuk have at least two portals, one going clockwise, the other anticlockwise, a bit like the glasgow underground system ( We have several of these lines, each portal has a trophy attached to signify the line you are travelling on. For example, you could be travelling on the Stag Line from Bierholm to Noordfort (which has 4 portals), where there is a sign saying 'alight here for the Boar Line', which will take you onto a different circle of portals. We implore the lesser civilizations of Valheim to adopt these measures for their own ease of movement, and to standardise transportation across the globe."

"Furthermore, we would like to announce that maintenence on the Boar Line has commenced, so expect delays and/or cancellations over the next 24hrs."


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