Everything sou need to know about the reserve exits (+map)

First of all a map: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dod0jm/reserve_exit_map_all_pmc_and_scav_exits/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

(thx to u/craytox great work with the map :D)

Train (Scav and player) : Arrives between 25min and 10min left in the raid and will wait for about 5-10min. It will honk once at arrival, once when the train has waited for about 5min and it will honk twice when its about to leave. The entire train is hollow so dont expect ro be safe from other players who are trying to board the train as well.

Bunker hermetic door (scav and player): Is always open and ready to be eacaped through for scavs but needs to be activated first when you are a player.
The switch to activate this exit is located in a shack close to the grounded helicopter. If you look on the map just go straight south from "Cliff descent" and youll see a small cube next to the road. Thats the shack with the lever. Once you pull the lever a alarm will echo all over the map and the exit (on the map marked on Bunker hermetic door) will be open, but only for 4 minutes. Once those 4 minutes are over the exit will be closed and you will have to pull the lever again. Running from lever to exit takes about 2minutes so you better hurry up!

Manhole (Scav and player): Not correctly marked on the map. It is very slightly lower and further to the right. You can spot is easily because it is in between 2 of those generators on wheel of whatever those are. You can always instantly escape through this exit but you cannot take any kind of backpack with you. Easy escape but almost no loot to take home.

Cliff descent(player only?):
Scav lands(player and scav):
Heating pipe(scav only?):
You should look in the eft wiki for those 3… I dont have any experience with these three

Hole in the wall(scav only): always open and no strings attached to my knowledge

And now about the minefield and the sniperfield:
Even though it was said to be possible to survive through these fields and escape in some sort of high risk high reward system but I havent made it out that way once so far (I tried about 10 times each). So if I was you and you were stuck on the map with a departed train and not much time left on the clock I'd either give up my backpack or try to go for the lever and bunker hermetic door.

I hope this was helpfull 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dreq6v/everything_sou_need_to_know_about_the_reserve/

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    Thanks for the false info on bunker hermatic. Lost the fattest fucking kit

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    lol, FU, lol

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