Factory – Best Overall Guide 2021

Here is a guide along with maps for Factory, I struggled to find any good information and maps for Factory but stumbled upon this deep in the webs, and it helped me master Factory, so I figured I should post this for you guys! I copy-pasted some of the text, but you can click the link for the full guide with maps!


This EFT Factory map guide will give you all the aspects you need to make it to an extraction point favorably.

Spawning areas in Tarkov Factory Map 2021

  • Silo area
  • Death box area
  • Barrels 
  • Equipment area
  • Red light area 
  • PVE area

loot locations in this map

There is common loot in every room. This EFT Factory map guide won’t detail every little thing, though. It’s worth noting that the map is nearly defined when compared to others. It fits for PvP action rather than loot. But, it depends on what you need. You can see the Escape From Tarkov Interchange

  • Container room – It locates close to the showers; this room has some random loot and weapon crates in bared areas. Ensure you keep an eye on the surrounding areas. There’re a few crates on the stairs.
  • Main hall – near to the containers and generators. Look behind the exit on the left for an armor. There is an extra one in a blue container by stairs.
  • Locker room – you’ll need the Factory Key to get in here. The room locates in the center of the map. The racks have a weapon: a battery and a jacket on the chair. Also, you may find some keys.
  • Forklift area – access from the generator’s area, this room only features a few jackets and a key. They all close to the lockers.
  • Generators – This locates right under the office room. There are exposed weapon crates that can get.
  • Office – There's a few jackets there, too, while the far left corner has some cabinets inside. 
  • Bathroom – In here, medical supplies, a couple of keys, ammo, and a weapon are available.
  • Breach area – there isn’t much here, but some ammunition is on the ledge.
  • Pumping area – It’s on the ground level. The pumping station is lower in loot. You will get a few chemical supplies.

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EFT Factory Map Extraction Points

Be aware on the lookout for exit point campers on the Factory map, particularly Gate 3, because it doesn’t ask for all items to use. Campers maybe hide everywhere on this map. 

  • Gate 3 
  • Gate 0 
  • Cellars
  • Camera Bunker Door 
  • Office Window

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qth23c/factory_best_overall_guide_2021/

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