Feature Request: Ambient NPC’s/Followers based on hall size

I've been giving a think to all the popular Valheim memes, of fantastically constructed halls that are, beyond one or a few players, sadly empty. That lead me to wonder if it would be possible to start adding NPC Viking followers, either just for ambiance (sitting in chairs/at tables/feasting or walking around with torches) or even as an active defense mechanic (larger halls 'invite' more NPC's, which can serve as a defense force against world events/base attacks.)

It seems logically consistent within the universe of the game and I think it helps with the 'sad sitting alone' thing. I can even see expanding this out into a more robust mechanic – perhaps you can build a summoning horn of different sizes that rallies more NPC's to you in times of need, or you can create warbands with them to assist you if you want to go out trollhunting, etc. What say you, Fellow Vikings? Good idea? Dumb idea? Can you do better?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mpjaq7/feature_request_ambient_npcsfollowers_based_on/

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