For everyone who has problems loading into Reserve

i contacted the devs trough the support and got this answer wich helped me:

Below is a list of actions that can solve this problem:

– Try necessary to completely uninstall the game, clean the PC and registry using the service software (e.g., CCleaner), delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry/Software/Battlestate Games, and then download the game using a newly downloaded launcher (there is a link to it in your profile on the game website).

– Remove Reshade (if any). – Turn on the auto-clear memory in the settings of the game.

– Try to completely remove the drivers on the video card, restart the PC and install the drivers again.

– Set the paging file to a value of 30 GB (minimum and maximum value).

– Update drivers of all PC components.

– Update BIOS and motherboard drivers. – Install all OS updates available in Update Center.

– Make sure no components are overheating.
If nothing from the list helps, please try reinstalling Windows.


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