[Game Variant] šŸ‘‘ Bloody Cults (team VS team)

Game settings

  • 2 impostors
  • 10 players
  • 3 meetings by player
  • Impostors and players have the same visibility, it's better if it's low (0.25, 0.5 or 0.75)
  • Your usual preferred settings for the other stuff, try to balance the kill cooldown with the amount of task as usual (lots of tasks = long cooldown, very few tasks = shortest cooldown)

Recommended to communicate to your teammates :

  • 1 chat room (Discord or any other tool) for official communication between teams (during emergency meetings)
  • 2 chat rooms (Discord or any other tool) one for each team

Team VS Team

The game starts with the two impostors calling a meeting and revealing who they are.Every crewmate must choose one of the impostor, until there are two equal teams of 5 players with each their own impostor leader.

After the meeting each team has 10 seconds to gather in the cafeteria around their leader and join their own team Discord server (or any other tool) to communicate with each other.

"Bloody Cults" Rules

  • RULE NĀ°1 – Impostors can't kill their own teammates
  • RULE NĀ°2 – Impostors can't kill when they are both in the same room or hall (delimited by doors in the Skeld)
  • RULE NĀ°3 – Crewmates can't do a task if a member of the other team stands right in front of the task device (touches it)
  • RULE NĀ°4 – To fix oxygen or reactor, BOTH teams must have a member do one of the fixing task. But if the sabotage isn't fixed in time, the team that sabotaged in the first place LOSES the game.
  • RULE NĀ°5 – Bodies can be reported but nobody can be voted out, it's just a strategic move to gather everybody in the cafeteria (annoying) or rant at the other team for having killed your buddy (ahah)

How does your team wins ?

  • Your team crewmates finish all their tasks (ghosts included, you can speak with them through your team chat)
  • Your team leader kills every crewmate in the other team

You must call an emergency meeting to declare the victory, or else it doesn't count.You can then joyously end the game in the way your cult prefers…

– Your cult leader kills everyone- You eject everyone- You die by oxygen or reactor (you already win at this point so it's just a way to end the game)

You crewmates can post screenshots of their finished tasks in the common chat room (Discord or other tool if there's any mistrust of your win from the other team (but if you play genuilely with friends, it isn't needed at all.))

Oh, someone cheated the rules… ?!

One of the leader killed while the other was in the same room or hall ? Or killed one of his own teammates ?A crewmate forced his passage to a task device to do his task anyway ?

Any witness can call an emergency meeting, and if the cheating is confirmed (other witnesses or screenshot), the cheater is ejected. Unless it is one of the leaders, in this case, he must sacrifice someone of his own team instead.

Having fun with strategies


  • Move in groups if you can to have a witness of any cheating from the other team
  • Your leader can use any sabotage to try dividing the other team and make them disperse on the map (for easier kill)
  • Anyone in the team can stand still in front of a task device to block the other team from completing their tasks
  • Your leader can follow you to act as a bodyguard (as his presence guarantees that the other leader can't kill you if he's present, rule nĀ°2)
  • Use your team's ghosts as spys of the other team movements


  • Your leader vents somewhere while some crewmate of his team act as bait, so if the enemy leader kills, your leader vents out just in time and one of your team calls an emergency meeting for "rule breaking" forcing the other team to sacrifice one of them
  • Place watchers at strategic point (cams can be included) and communicate through your team chat, for example your leader hides in cafeteria vent and his teammates tell him when some enemy is about to call an emergency meeting, so they can be killed before reaching the button

* You can report a body or call a meeting if you think you can compromise with the other team on something if you block each other game too well. Call a temporary truce… or be evil and betray your promises.

Roleplay ?

You can make it a simple, fun team VS team game, or fancy some roleplaying like dancing around dead bodies, naming your cult, adoring your leader and chanting your victory while the reactor count down announces the death of everybody.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jlrb2s/game_variant_bloody_cults_team_vs_team/

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