Global inventory

I enjoy this game a lot. I love exploring and collecting resources. What I don't like is to constantly open chests and get resources to craft stuff or to build stuff. I understand the need to limit carry capacity and inventory slots, but to avoid constantly going back and forth in between your chest, crafting bench and building site I would like to propose the ideea of global inventory.

-when you store something is a chest and the chest is in the area of the crafting station that you want to use, that resource becomes available for usage at set crafting station or in its area without being in your characters inventory.
-player carry capacity should still be capped

-less traveling time in between chests, making the player use his time actually doing stuff.

-it takes away a little from the immersion of the game since you can craft stuff without actually having it on you, but it is not game breaking, you still need the resources and you still need them in the proximity.

This is kind of what CD Project Red did with not needing to farm stuff for potions. The witcher 3 is a game about an amazing story and they took away farming and therefore gave you more time to explore the world.
Valheim is s game about exploring, collecting resouces, building and defeating legendary creatures. By eliminating the need to go back and forth between your chests and crafting stations you give the player the ability to do more of what the game was intended for: exploring, collecting resouces, building and defeating legendary creatures


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