Good Value Kits for the 0.12 Wipe

Was as bored as everyone else waiting for 0.12 to drop so I decided to put together a few kits that I consider being great for their price! Took inspirations from tons of posts and YouTube videos so you might recognize some loadouts, originally made this for myself and a few friends but though I might as well share it. Any thought or criticism would be greatly appreciated as I'd love to make the loadouts even better 🙂

All prices are from the Dealers

In the price calculation I've excluded pills and the stack of ammo I often keep in the Secure Container, ammo price is based of having ~20 of the best ammo first then the rest is often a bit worse, the AK-74M for an example has 21 BS rounds and rest is BP so you can easily drop your first target without spending too much on ammo.

I am aware that a few of the things such as the ammo and some mods might not be available right in the start but I hope someone still finds these loadouts useful

Any ideas for other kits or improvements to mine would be great! 🙂


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