Guide to cheap and nasty 3×1 mosin.

So there is a trade at mechanic giving you one obrez for 1 x 730mm mosin barrel and 1x mosin sniper stock….here what you want to do:

  1. Buy a sniper mosin – 40k (usually around 30k on flea market)
  2. Take off the barrel and stock
  3. Buy a sniper mosin stock from jeager – 3.6k
  4. Trade the barrel and stock for the obrez
  5. Take off the barrel and stock form the obrez
  6. Buy the Shawn off stock (1.6k) and 200mm mosin barrel (2.1k) from jeager
  7. Install the sniper mosin you first buy in the obrez stock and 200mm barel….you can now install a 3.5 PU on this mosin
  8. install the obrez with 220mm barel in the shawn off stock (the blue handle one)….you can install many optic on this one (like a prism 2x if you feel cheap)

Result, you now get TWO 3×1 mosin and BOTH can be scoped…for about 20-25k each. Note than those can be equipped in rig if you have a 3×1 rig, letting you having a main weapon (like a smg or shotgun), a nasty little auxiliary mini-sniper and still have room to loot a 3th full weapon.


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