Gun durability at 0

Just before the wipe happened, me and my mates went out to get a gun to 0 durability. Not sure if anyone has actually seen what happens when you get one down to 0 so I'll post it here.

Things of note:

  1. I put over 4000 rounds through this RPK to get it to 0 from about 60%
  2. Weapon durability does not go down in raid
  3. Jamming did not occur until the weapon hit 0. It may happen before hand but since the durability didn't go down till after raid, it's hard to pin point when it will happen. Just before the last raid I got it to 0, it was at 22% and was still not jamming.
  4. The RPK was not fixable or sell-able to traders except fence, the gun was basically useless.

This may have been knowledge already known and it may be different after .12 but I put some time in this and wanted to share it.


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