Hear me out, I have an idea.

I was building today when I encountered an issue and it gave me an idea.

I wanted to build a large temple, but the iron bars needed for the supports are hard to get as it’s nowhere near a swamp, and you can’t teleport with iron.

Then I started thinking about the overall cost of iron supports and how they’re viable and useful, but a pain. Which got me thinking, what if instead of iron bars, they required iron nails?

If they wanted to reduce the amount of required iron, easy, make it 10-15 nails. If they want to make it the same amount, make it 20.

But either way that would allow for more iron supports per trip as nails weigh less than bars, and the ability to teleport with the materials necessary to build iron supports.

They could still require a forge to place down, but it would make the actual act of placing them much easier.

I won’t die on this hill, and I haven’t thought it through entirely yet, but what do you guys think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nxkql5/hear_me_out_i_have_an_idea/

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