How to train strength the more natural way

When asking how to train strenght efficiently what you hear most of the times is either running with tank battery or docs case filled with SAS drives in your sigma container. Some even suggest spamming granades like a madman. All of those methods are effective, but either require you to use your valuable secure container slots or cost a lot to set up. I though up something that involved neither grinding and posesses none of the above disadventages.

What you should do is put 6b13 in your backpack, it costs next to nothing and nobody will ever take it. Guaranteed insurance back if it's broken. Freeman crowbar is the heaviest melee weapon at almost 2kg and costs only 11k on the flea market. With those two you should be put above the weight limit with almost any proper loadout. Unlike with tank bat, you will still have access to your container. Unlike with SAS filled docs case, you can always dump your 6b13 if you find some heavy loot and dont want to crawl to the extract. This is what I did since I hit 20 and I am now the highest level strength I ever was.


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