Don't take any results here as a definitive answer,
We don't have any accurate data to obtain a definitive awnser, although I am confident in what I say and my point still stands.

EDIT: I know what I am trying to say seems obvious, but the amount of people who seemingly took these "60%" as true without questioning it is the reason this post exist.

As the title said, there is a huge problem with litteral fake news about the cheater amount.

TLDR:according to my guesses, you have less than 90% chance to encounter a cheater (except on labs).

A post I have seen already twice this year and might have been posted even more:
Using math they manage to prove that 60% of your raids on reserv contain at least a cheater.

To manage to this result they say there is 3% of cheater and they play 3 time more, artificially increasing the percentage to 9%, such manipulation of data is outrageous.

First of all there isn't 3% of cheaters. COD Warzone is well known to be a nest for cheaters, yet it impossible to have more than 2% cheaters even when peak cheating as it would mean less than 15% games have no cheaters at all.

Secondly saying that cheater play three times more is pure data manipulation, as this comes out of nowhere and is very likely false.
Most cheaters are, usually in other games, players who can't put enough time in the game to…. Get gud…  RMT traders are a minority and there is likely more no-lifers than RMT
I haven't even mentioned that most of the cheaters are banned after their first games, as A LOT of outdated cheats are sold.(which is also why we can't base of the amount of account banned to get a percentage of cheaters)

With this in mind, let's say there is pessimisticaly 2% cheaters, it would mean you have 80%(0, 9811 according you don't cheat yourself) chance that you have no cheaters in your raid on reserv if there is 12 players. Realistically it would be less than 1% cheaters on all map (except labs) It means less than 90% of raids without no cheater at all.
In addition:
-having a cheater in your raid isn't a guarantee he will kill you
-playing with friends decrease the chances of encountering one even more (given that they don't cheat)

Lastly the only ones who can tell you if the game has this much cheaters is the top 1% of the playerbase , they are the ones who can make the difference between a good player, a lucky one and a suspicious. If they don't complain about it we're good (not saying there is no cheater tho)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oym243/huge_missinformation_some_people_are_manipulating/

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