I think I might have found something that helped q times with group

Me and my friends were trying to play tarkov recently since wipe, and the q times as a group have been awful. So we were really discouraged from playing, but when I played solo my q times were all under 5 minutes. The first thing to assume is because 3 slots are harder to find then 1, but we tried duo as well and it was still awful q times. So I got a feeling something was up.

So my first thought was the servers I had selected, but it always used to be that whatever servers your group leader had selected is the ones you qued for. But I had a feeling maybe something changed. So on a whim I told my friend to change his servers to all the ones I had selected (all us servers but Seattle). We instantly went from 5-10 minute wait times to 2 minutes or less, customs is still quite bad but every other map is pretty manageable.

Now this might be a coincidence but I thought I should share just in case, cause it seems to me that they changed it so it only ques for servers you all jointly have selected.

Tell me if this works for anyone else! GL!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dpmv8c/i_think_i_might_have_found_something_that_helped/

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