I’ve mostly completed Valheim, and spent a good while brainstorming concepts I’d love to see implemented

TLDR: Read the first sentence of each bullet point

I love Valheim, but some of the incomplete aspects of it leave me wondering what will be coming out as the devs release new updates. This beta game is amazing and I can't wait to see what the devs have in store for us! That being said, I compiled a list of things I would love to see added to the game, and I was wondering if any other players considered similar options or thought of the same things as I. I'm interested in feedback, but these are just general ideas/suggestions. I created this list hastily as I played over the last few months and decided to compile them all here. Please be prepared for a huge wall of text. Here goes:

-More tameable/breedable creatures, and more unique uses out of tamed animals. Lox could pull carts, boars could attract mushrooms in their pens, necks could be tamed and bred. Maybe if a player is sneaky enough, capturing and calming down two deer enough to reproduce might just be possible.

-Improved cultivators. Perhaps higher level cultivators give better seed returns, or unlock newer plants and trees.

-More ways to get copper and tin. Perhaps a rare drop from trolls?

-Harder and longer difficulty scaling. This one is important. The game right now feels very quick to progress. My group of friends decided to completely skip bronze armor, while I figured the armor upgrades would more or les be important. I wasted a long time upgrading my bronze gear just to find out that it was a complete waste of effort. Upgrading armor is a complete waste of time and resources.

-Potions should be much more important to gameplay. My friend group was able to survive the swamps completely without use of potions, albeit with a few deaths here and there. After we figured out poison resistance potions, we had 0 trouble at all. Potions should be a HUGE discovery for your viking, but there's a very small number of uses for potions, and a very small list of potions that we can actually craft.

-Taking into account the previous 2 suggestions regarding potions and difficulty, Upgrading armor should be important if you want to survive in a new area. If you want to survive in the swamps, you should have upgraded bronze armor, an upgraded shield, and some damn good potions on hand. As the game stands now, all you need is some troll armor, a stagbreaker, a bow, a pickaxe, and some poison resistance potions. A tier-3 bronze armor player should be able to tank some hits from the mobs, while a tier-1 bronze armor player should suffer much more damage than their fellow viking. A third player in troll armor would need to shoot arrows from afar, or risk getting decapitated in a few short hits.

-More reasons to return to lower tier biomes, other than gathering resources

-While we're on the matter- growable mushrooms, berries, thistle, PLEASE. It should be slower than running through the black forest at mach 5 and collecting goodies, to keep that method alive. It should require effort, or resources, or player interaction, or something to keep it balanced.

-Building updates (Im really excited for Hearth and Homes!)

-Upgradeable carts, as well as the ability to build using materials inside carts. Perhaps the build radius, carry capacity, and storage space could increase as the cart level increase? Perhaps the highest level cart could only be pulled by a large, furry creature.

-Dog sled cart. More wolves=more speed, works well in mountains and open areas. If the cart goes over rocks or dirt or grass it could move slower, or take slow degradation damage. Works best in mountain biome

-Better mountain biomes. Currently very small and cramped, feels like a cliff jumping simulator.

-More sized chests with each new wood/metal combinations

-More combat variance, such as combos, special attacks, mana of sorts. Also the axe has no heavy attack

-Make small and medium potions useable together. There is no reason for 2 separate items to share the same cooldown. It would also keep small potions relevant end-game.

-Wearable inventory different than stored items. All items still lost on death.

-Combat potions that boost your stats/abilities for x amount of time

-Toggle sprint option

-Customizable large boats with a construction system similar to Runescape. Pre-chosen rooms can be places in fixed locations, and players have a choice to place one of several commodities in "hotspots." Only 1 item may be placed at a time. Imagine- You could build a LARGE boat and be able to choose how to build her. Perhaps you want to build a bunkhouse to sleep on the boat with your viking clan while searching for new lands to pillage. Maybe you need a cooking station to cook up all the fresh serpent meat you're about to go hunt for. Maybe you wish to create a small portal hub below deck, making one of your ships a hub of transportation. Or perhaps you need a LOT of storage space below deck because you and the boys are about to take a lox and a massive cart filled to the plains, and it you won't stop slaughtering fulings until its filled to the BRIM with black metal. You load your lox into the stable, place your ores in your massive storage, and you're on your way home. Keeping the choices simple, small, and limited will entice players to make a fleet of boats, every one of them unique, and every one of them with a purpose. Players will have to choose wisely which boat(s) they plan to take on each voyage.

-More reasons to sail and explore, like making increased resources much more common in further areas. Better buried treasure. Land-treasure is garbage and boring. Perhaps treasures lost to the sea could be found once again? Shipwrecks could contain buried treasure maps and lead the player to buried treasure chests (cough wishbone cough) could contain enticing loot, such as ores, metals, gold, resources, and a rare chance at finding something "special"

-"Special" loot. There's nothing to really get excited about when looting stuff. Stuff worth gold coins, and ores, yippee. It gets a little old after a while. When searching through burial chambers, swamp dungeons, or finding buried treasure, there should be a small chance that what you find is ACTUALLY treasure. Something that would make the player legitimately smile ear-to-ear irl and get excited about. I have no idea what I would put here, but maybe like a sexy troll calendar or something (treasure stuff should be portal restricted)

-More portal restrictions. I love that we are forced to sail. I love sailing. Give me more stuff to bring back on my ship. Please.

-"Extreme" biomes. A rare occurrence, where the resources within the biome grow thick and bountiful, regrow quickly, and are a safe haven for Eikthyr's followers.

-Kill fish with bow/arrow and the harpoon (Perhaps the technique may be learned from the wandering trader, for a fee)

-Smelt armor back into bars to at least get some use out of your old armor. It would make ores portal-able, yes, but if there was a 50% loss when you did it, I'm sure it would incentivize any sane person to just sail the ores home.

-More sea monsters, and while you're at it, let me be able to breed my sea serpents.

-Tiny desert sea islands without a biome, nowhere near land. They could hold buried treasure, or cool places for screenshots

-Actual swimming. Current system is terrible. You swim slower than a 4th grader wearing cinderblock shoes, and running out of stamina mid-swim shouldn't make me start to die. All you have to do is lean back and float, and you can catch your breath and get stamina back. Also let us dive under water please. I'm sick of building redneck diving boards when a 2 star deer's loot drops 12ft into the ocean

-Fighting at a slight incline (both when you have the high ground and when you do not) completely fucks melee combat. You either swing above your target's head or beneath their feet. pls fix

-Backpack item- increase carry capacity and/or number of slots

-Fix auto run. It stops when you move left or right using A or D as it should. However your character does not follow the camera as you move your mouse left/right. Autorun is worthless and is rarely ever used because you must run in a 100% straight line.

-Performance optimization. Large builds and lots of ground changes (mining/leveling) completely ruins the performance of areas.

-More capes and variances for capes. The wold and lox cape are IDENTICAL in stats to each other as well as the linen cape too! Except the linen cape doesn't keep you warm. Why in the world would I ever make a linen cape?

-More armor and armor set effects. I love the troll armor, there should be more set effects for each armor set, preferably one that is appropriate for the area it's from. Troll armor already does this as it helps you sneak around trolls. Bronze armor could make you take less club/punch damage (from trolls), iron armor could prevent leech bites from breaking the skin, or maybe a staggering attack on the character has a chance to rebound the attack and stagger the opponent since it's so hard (Draugr). Silver armor could reduce damage from wolf bites. Black metal armor could reduce damage from fuling weapons.

-Unique shield abilities. Same concept as above, but different quirks.

-Ability to harpoon land while holding onto the mast of a boat to reel the boat in to dock

-Armor/tools breaking more important to core gameplay. The only thing it does for me is I get to hear the "brrr" of spam left clicking my forge for 2.6 seconds when I pass by my base. It takes zero effort and adds nothing to the game. In it's current state, I wouldn't even notice if they removed armor and tool degradation from the game, other than when collecting massive amounts of ore in 1 trip. It should be reworked into something a bit more relevant to the gameplay. I don't know how.

-Light and heavy armor for every biomes. The Black forest has troll and bronze armor, all the others should follow suit. This ties in nicely with my "all armor sets have perks" thing

-Make shield on back protect from attacks from behind. No reason other than it would be cool

-Jump attacks, special attacks, and combo moves for different weapons. Perhaps different tiers of the same weapon could behave the same, but have a different perk for each new tier of metal.

-Plantable oaks please

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