List of 5min QoL Fixes/Suggestions to Valheim


  • Wood/Stone pile should store up to at least 500 instead of 50, considering they take up more space than a chest, and a chest can store 10 slots x 50 per stack.
  • Option to Craft 100 arrows at a time and not just 20 (there is already an option for metals why not arrows)
  • When cooking with 1 slot open for the food/potion, check the inventory for unfilled stacks before throwing out a no inventory message lol i.e. cooking lox pies with no inventory space but a stack of 1/20 lox pies and getting blocked.
  • Option to not automatically pick up certain junk items, i.e. stone wood when fighting mobs/ or when the stone/ wood is farmed by an enemy or a toggle to not automatically pick up items in general idk


  • Collect 20 of a boss trophy to make a trophy of the boss (pls give us reasons to grind)
  • Add Wraiths to Mountains, really drive home the don't adventure to mountains at night motto
  • Speed up Fenrir/Fuling Berserker jump attk/ chain attk animations. Fenrir/Fuling feel somewhat weaker compared to their wolf/fuling counterparts which shouldn't be the case.
  • Boss Balancing, Yagluth is a joke with Bonemass buff/Fire Resis Barely Wine where imo Bonemass is harder even with Poison Resis with end game gear. Moder glitches when perched; when player is in melee range and doesn't attack nearly as often as he should.
  • Add a rare (1/20) unblockable charging attack to lox, they are way too kitable. The rolling mechanic isn't explored nearly enough as it should be in the game so far. lox currently die to two parries/comboes to a porcupine (parry this you filthy animal)
  • some sort of hard mode for players to kill time while the dev team is on their multi-month vacation. (100 star greydwarfs anyone?)


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