My Guide to SCAV k a r m a (eZ edition)

  1. Kill all player scavs you see, and jack their shit. It's too easy. You get to steal all their shit on the pretense that you're playing together, or at the very least friendly. They always let you do it.
  2. After filling your entire inventory with stolen shit you should amass a nice amount of -rep, but don't worry, it's simple.
  3. Strip your PMC until he's bare ass naked.
  4. Shove 7000 rubles into your ass.
  5. Load up Customs.
  6. Run straight to the car.
  7. Repeat until you have god tier rep with the Fence again.

I want to thank BSG for giving me the best way to troll both player scavs and PMCs. I get to ruin player scav games by jacking their shit, and killing them, and I get to ruin PMCs games but being -1 less person on the map by hatchet running straight to car extract, and riding off, leaving one less dorms extract.


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  • Lmao 08.07.2021 in 21:19

    You get that you only get a payout for the car extract the first 3 or 4times right?

    Afterwards you’re SOL for the rest of the wipe.

    Hope it’s worth it for the busted mosins and broken pacas though!

  • Dev(eron)53 09.07.2021 in 16:03

    It’s only worth doing car extract a max of 6 times per map. After that it’s worthless at 0.01 per V-ex. So your plan is not very well thought out. I started at the standard 0.020 Fence rep. I have done 3 car extracts on Customs, 6 on Woods and 5 on Interchange. I have killed NO Scavs and managed one co-op extract. My Fence rep is now 2.04. So work it out genius! Haha!

  • Fence 11.07.2021 in 04:49

    What a trash guide. This author is an actual idiot.

  • Rat 15.07.2021 in 03:07

    Be me.
    Le Epic Troll Player Scav.
    Partner up with other player scavs and get going.
    We loot up all the good spots, getting decent supplies.
    We head towards our shared extracts, I give them a thumbs up and chuckle to myself.
    As they return the emote I unload all of my good boy points into them, killing them instantly.
    Hahaha, all of your gear is now mine.
    My body is burning with how pumped up I am.
    My aim, godlike, my tactics surpass Sun Tzu.
    They can do nothing, I have all of the loot now!
    I am so cool, I ruined the experience of another player/s.
    Everyone reading my post thinks I am cool.
    I reach my sweat-covered hands into my bag of Hot Cheetos and hungrily eat some.
    It’s hard being this skilled.

  • Shturman 28.07.2021 in 22:42

    This guide smells of multiple different body odors snowballed into one massive chick repellant. You should probably clean the ass stain you have on your gaming chair instead of making your spineless mother do it.

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