New Player. Looking for any tips or maybe recommended guides

I’m pretty new to Tarkov(lvl 11)

Been playing for about a week or two. I’m loving the game, so much so that I haven’t played anything else since I bought it.

I know there’s a steep learning curve but I honestly end up feeling like such a garbage player after losing dam near everything in my stash and having to wait for insurance so I can go back out into a raid.

I’m ashamed to say that my survivability rate is below 20% (don’t stone me too hard lol)

I’m sticking mostly to customs and woods because I’m still trying to get the beginner quests done.

If anybody has any tips or advice I would be extremely grateful. Or even some recommended YouTube guides videos would be more than welcome.

Sorry for the essay post. But thanks ahead of time for taking the time to read/comment.


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