Organizational Tools for New Wipe

It seems like many folks don't know about these two tools that have massively improved my QOL and efficiency in Tarkov, even as a player with 1000 hours I need to rely on these tools because my brain only has so much dedicated tarkov storage.


I keep this bad boy in a little 2×4 inch window on my second monitor, it just chills off to the side. When I double click on an item in Tarkov to open the details panel, I can click on the magnifying glass icon on the top left and that little tab on my other monitor will tell me the best trader price, average flea price, a link to the wiki page about it, how many more I need found in raid for quests, and how many I need for my hideout.


Once linked to ratscanner this is what ratscanner uses to know how many more found in raid copies of an item I need. When I leave a raid, I go to my second monitor which has tarkov tracker opened and I decrement the items that I found. So if I find 3 CPU's I will decrease the required CPU count in tarkov tracker by 3, then next time I found one in raid it will say I need 7 more, instead of 10. [

It takes a bit of time after each raid to update tarkov tracker's counts, but it's so worth it. Good luck with this wipe!


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