Playing without cut any tree

Walheim: how to make delicious mead and what it is for

Some time ago someone posted a seed called “amazonians”. I looked on the site and I liked. The seed went to my list of interesting seeds that I could play in the future. After the update Hearth & Home, I had the idea to start a new world. A solo run. Thinking about the seed and its name (amazonians-Amazon) I remembered that Amazon rainforest in Brazil is being destroing by farmes to increase their farms. Purely capitalist (I don’t know if I can talk about this here) but the idea of destruction and deforestation in game only affects apperance of the location. Luck that the game does not affect the environment.

I don’t like to cut the trees but its necessary to build. I always choose a place without trees to build my base or integrate the landscape with my building. That’s why I thought about creating a world with one ideia: I wouldn’t cut any trees. All wood would be collected from the logs and stumps found by the map. Easy right? Not so much. The common wood is easy to find but it takes a lot of exploration and gathering. In the beginning you have a low weight limit on your inventory wich makes things very slow. That’s ok.

Day 30 I defeated Eikthyr. First time solo. Easy. This is my first time playing solo. So the things got complicated. How to get finewood? The Bronze Age is necessary to have a lot finewood to make weapons and important items like furniture for comfort. Finewood doesn’t drop from logs and stumps. I think should drop… The logs in the Black Forest could have a chance to drop corewood since logs are pine and fir fallen. Maybe a chance of dropping finewood. This would make my idea easier. Another place besides Meadows that has Birch is Plains, but there are no logs there. Could have Birch logs. I didn't think I could go ahead with the idea and would need to cut Birch to collect finewood.

I did some research and found that on the slopes of the Black Forest there are sunken boats that drop finewood. So began my search for finewood while collecting wood and materials at Black Forest. I was lucky to find the first boat. It made me very excited. I wasn't very excited because of the slowness of getting the materials. Until then I had only found finewood in ruins and stone towers on benches and tables, which by the way do not drop the amount used to build them. So this way I managed to get finewood, finding more boats and furniture.

Corewood is easier to find as there are some structures in the Meadows that are made with this wood. Nice.

This way of playing makes me think a lot before using certain materials. Choose which item to do and avoid others. Before finding more I had to use finewood between making the Fermenter until the mead is done and using it to connect portals and transfer material.

This method makes me slow down the game progress. It limits, but it's been fun. With the defeat of Elder, now it's time to start collecting iron. And improve my base.

My first base – a village that I found

My second base


Elder defeated


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