Hello weary vikings–a few days ago i took the massive plunge into server hosting via GPORTAL as well as teaching myself server upkeep and back-end which is admittedly a bunch of work, but more rewarding than i would have imagined. After poking around the mod packs and content conversions rolling out, i decided to say fuck it and start work on a new passion project–'DIRE FANG'. What im attempting to cultivate is that mMO (mini multiplayer online) experience close knit groups working towards an insurmountable goal (like going on dungeon runs with far less party members than intended and spending 5 extra hours as a direct result… Those early sky is the limit days of TBC and when the nether was first introduced in MC. What im trying to say is–i was really let down waiting years and years for other people to cater to the niche gaming exp ive been looking for (cp2077 ;/) rust, release wow, any most big box rpgs. So instead i've decided to learn as much as i can with the help of players in this growing community and just stop waiting for something to really sink my teeth into.

Some Info: base pack will include VH+/EPIC LOOT/ ODINS TRIAL /better items/ better trader ect (more will ebb and flow as new modules become released (OR DEVELOPED BY MYSELF AND MAYBE YOU!)

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: i'm looking for passionate world builders, intermediate/ advanced modders/ coders/ those familiar with UNITY code/ server admins and mods/ ocd base builders/ writers / texture artists and model makers/ **those overly familiar with the modding upkeep and installation/ testing aspects of the game** project managers/ resource grinders/ knowledgeable and insightful adventures / and those looking to jump in with voting systems and stress testing new features (2 a week until its rock solid)

SERVER SLOTS: as of first now the server will be soft capped at 5 players for general workflow and balancing with OT (its…uaah really scary solo don't do that… with a 3 player scaling system when you are the only one online building (a troll may have one shot my house once or 4 times setting me back a bit on the starter area so do with that information what you will) once we reach 5 players i will begin rolling out paid slots (once i feel like its a unique experience) to cover server costs (currently 20$ a month for 12 slots) so any donations of players who enjoy the project and experience. up until we start prepping for launch outside ALPHA/BETA players that have helped in some meaningful way (be that contributions financially, time investment, attitude, and vision, server upkeep and dev will be reward 2 months free access to the server for their efforts. after this, any other players are welcome to join for the first week as a trial then it will be 1.99 $ per month (once the content is there of course) which at a flat cost of 1.75 per slot i feel like that's pretty fair given the size of the project and community i'm seeking out. all of the numbers are obviously subject to change over time and are always open for discussion once we get a little rag tag crew going!

SO! if you have any questions, declaration of interest, or just wanna ask me if i've gone off the deep end with something like this (i have) do not hesitate to PM ME! i look forward to working with some fresh faces on a long term creative endeavor with the community!


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