PSA There are mods for empty Biomes

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Just a quick PSA that there are mods that populate Ashlands, Mistlands etc with enemies, clutter, quests, bosses.

The modding community here is unprecedented. While I still cherish Valheim vanilla and still think it’s an amazing title, the H&H is objectively, a slight dissapointment for me given the amount of time it passed to get it done.

But luckily, we have tons of mods that add it all already now. Check out Forgotten Biomes, Monsternomicon, Monsterlabs etc.

Randy’s contributions are also groundbreaking, a single modder keeps dropping tons of content and new gameplay loops via Epic Loot. His Project AUGA is also a must have.

If you arent heavy on modding and want a harder Valheim experience beyond the 5 vanilla bosses, check out the managed modpack EpicValheim. Me and my buddy are doing bounty hunting, enchanting and raiding Ashlands like crazy.


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