Scav Case Loot table

500 roubles

Common 1-2, Rare 0-1

7k roubles

Common 1, Rare 1-3

85k roubles

Rare 1-3, Super Rare 1-2


Rare 1, Super rare 4-6

Folder with Intelligence

Rare 2-4, Super Rare 2-3

First of all thank you to Onepeg, his community and everyone that worked with him for this information.
This is his video where I obtained this information, which also contains good context on how he learned this AND the overall profitability of these options so if you haven't seen it, might be worth checking out anyways.

I am making this post to hopefully create an easy to find reference as currently googling "EFT Scav Case Loot Table" yields pretty poor results EXCEPT for the above video, but even then it can be quite tedious to sift through a video every time I want to reference. So hopefully this can be laid on on the wiki or somewhere soon but for now here you go. hopefully this is helpful.

Edit: fixed prices.

Edit: Here is the hideout wiki page and it would be super sweet if someone could make a nice little table for this info under the Scav Case section. (and also maybe clean up that wall of text a little bit)

last edit: it's there now… LOL


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