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Hey guys and gals. I have compiled and assortment some tips and tricks, some based on questions that I came up when I posted my passive income guide, and some other stuff overall.

I made this as both a text and video guide so take your pick. As with my income guide the video and text version are pretty much the same.



1 Bind hand gestures and voice lines

You can bind hand gestures and voice lines to the function keys. You do this by double clicking Y and then right clicking on a gesture or voice line to assign it to a function key.

2 Quest item inventory

All quest items you find in raid gets placed in their own inventory. It can be found under the “tasks” tab both when in raid and in the menu. You can transfer quest items between and in-raid and off-raid inventory. Just don't forget to bring that quest item with you when you finally decide to try and do the quest. Looking at you secure case from customs that needs to be placed in that locked room in factory.

3 “Normal” items used in quests

EDIT: u/leftylugnutz made great point in his comment about always looking up a quest on the tarkov wiki before going out and doing it. You will save yourself time and hardships.

On the quest “Farming – Part 1” from Mechanic, and I assume it goes for all the quests like this one, you need to repair 2 control board in factory and doing so will consume a tool set each. You can have it placed in you secure container and it will still be used and consumed without needing it to be placed in a bag or such.

On the quest “The survivalist path – Thrifty” from Jaeger you need to place one Iskra MRE and one bottle of water in a box at each of the bunkers on Woods. I made the mistake of thinking you only needed to interact once with the box to place both the items. That was not the case, you need to interact with it twice. I assume this goes for all quests like it.

4 Glasses change the rain on monitor visual

Well, not much to add here. The rain effect is most notable at the periphery of the screen. I feel like the visual from wearing glasses is somewhat better.

5 Scavs only have ammo in their vests

Or I think so at least. I have never found anything else so if you don't care for the ammo or mags, just search pockets and bag. It goes without saying that this isn’t the case for player scavs. But I chose to say it anyways. Don’t know if it says more about me or the people of the internet.

6 Fold weapons

Weapons with a foldable stock can of course be folded by right clicking and then fold but you can also use the middle mouse button to fold and unfold weapons.

7 Unload ammo from internal magazine

Some weapons like the Mosin and shotguns and such have an internal magazine and to unload them in your stash you first need to remove the internal magazine from the weapon to be able to unload and load ammo.

8 Point fire

Or what people usually call it, hipfire. You probably already know this is a thing in this game. Lasers make the point fire spread tighter and more controllable and crouching/proning make it even more so.

9 Cancel consumables and reloading

By pressing mouse 1 or 2 during a healing or reloading you will cancel the animation.

10 Remove handbook notification by clicking on it

As in click on that green notification. Nothing more to add.

11 Choose which items to use in crafting

When you are about to start a craft in you hideout you will get the handover window with the relevant crafting items for that craft. You can choose which ones you want to use by first clicking on the item chosen by default to deselect it and then clicking the item you want to use. For example when crafting IFAKs you will want to use an army bandage with 1/2 uses instead of one with 2/2 or when crafting the magazine case and you want to choose empty fuel tanks.

12 Click back single items from vendor sale window

If you click an item to the sale window that you don't want to sell you don't have to “clear table” and remove all items you can just use you dispose keybind to bring single item back to your inventory. Note that if you add in a lot of items to the vendor sale window some will be placed to the right where you cant even see them.

13 Check fuel level at the flea market

Right click and inspect or just double click the item icon and you will see in the lower part of the inspect window how many resources the item has.

14 Barter with vendors

You basically buy the item from the vendor using an item from your stash. These are worth to take a look at. Skier level 1 trades an ADAR for a rechargeable battery. You can buy these batteries for around 13k on the market so that's a fairly cheap weapon. You can also disassemble it and sell the parts to Skier and Mechanic for around 24k, a nice little profit if you are really strapped for cash.

You can also find the vendor trades in the flea market interface if you prefer to use that.

15 Flea market binds and quick buying

You can update the flea market every 3 seconds. Also you don’t have to press the button in the upper right corner to update it, it can be done by pressing F5 like in your web browser. When you purchase something you can press Y to confirm the purchase instead of clicking YES.

I have found this method of what I call quick buying useful. Keep your index finger on F5 to update the market, your thumb on Y to confirm trades and rest the pinky by ESC to quickly close inspect windows or those pesky out of stock messages. Now just spam F5 and with our mouse hovering over the purchase button you should be able to snag some nice deals on the market.

16 Flea market filter bug

If you get the bug where you current market filters is hidden behind the add offer button, just click add offer and now you will be able to click the extended filter button behind it.

17 Not all crafting requires fuel

You can start crafts in the Lavatory even though you are out of fuel or have turned your generators off.

18 Turn off your generator over night

To save fuel turn your generator off over night. Crafting time of your current crafts in progress that requires the generator running will continue but at a much slower pace.

19 Learning maps (how i did it)

My first map I started learning was Customs, I just ran around offline with a map open on my second monitor.

My second map was Shoreline excluding resort since I didn't see myself going there for a few levels. This time I took a more structured approach. I decided to learn all the hidden caches in offline mode. So I used the map below and followed Pestilys video on the locations to help me. When I had done so I hopped in and out off a few offline raids just to see if I knew where I spawned in, and I did. Surprisingly enough this method was very effective for me at least in regards to learning basic map knowledge.

20 Decent beginner weapons and ammo from Prapor

So before you reach level 10 and get access to the flea market you can buy and use an sks with ps ammo and a mosin with LPS Gzh from Prapor LL1.

21 Online resources

These are some of the online resources I use.

The wiki.. of course –

Check market value of items on flea market

Check market value of items on flea market

Collection of maps

The amazing EFT ammo chart by u/nofoodaftermidnight


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