[Suggestion] Add the Járngreipr Which Allows for Dual-Wielding?

We already have the Megingjord which, for those that don't know, is based on Thor's belt: Megingjörð. The Járngreipr/Járnglófar is Thor's "iron gauntlets" and I feel like they'd be the perfect item which allows players to dual wield weapons. Upon killing the fourth boss Thor has a chance to be seen during storms. Perhaps after killing the fifth, Thor gets a small chance of dropping these gauntlets during a storm appearance? I know that historically Vikings didn't really dual-wield axes on each hand and charged into battle but at the same time, I'm fairly certain they didn't fend off hordes of Trolls either, however, I could be wrong!

The Mjölnir is a mighty weapon and the Járngreipr is what enables Thor to wield/grip the hammer in all its glory. It would be incredible if, in Valheim, these gauntlets would allow for us to not only dual-wield swords, and axes, and knives, but also allow for two-handed weapons to be held with one hand 😀 Now I don't mean dual-wielding two atgeirs and creating a tornado, no (although that'd be pretty gnarly). The gauntlets shouldn't be allowed for one to dual-wield two-handed weapons in both hands but rather, allow for the off-hand to carry non-weapons such as a torch or a shield! No longer do you need to be mining in the dark without a torch. Now you can have a pickaxe and a torch out at the same time! You could literary be roleplaying Pantheon if you so chose to, and this would also revitalize spears and atgeirs.

Of course, this dual-wielding thing shouldn't necessarily be the be-all and end-all. The caveats of dual-wielding for example a two-handed weapon and a shield would obviously be the massive movement speed decrease as well as perhaps a little more stamina usage per swing. This would require one to have the best food diet and attack precision possible to make the most out of the benefits. For dual-wielding single-handed weapons, well pretty much say goodbye to blocking. Maybe make it possible to block small projectiles, but anything else should be out of the question. This would require one to be very good at evading and for those who enjoy "the thrill of the hunt".

P.S. Iron Gate I pray to Odin every day, but he only bestows upon me skeleton parties and opposite tailwinds, please make this happen :'(

P.P.S. If my character can single-handedly paddle a giant Viking ship full of heavy ores through a fierce thunderstorm and a wind that's always against this poor soul which lasts for many days and nights, MULTIPLE TIMES, he should already be able to dual-wield two troll logs just saying :S

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