Tameable/Sentry Surtlings

New Valheim update

Just a random game idea of adding ‘tameable’/sentry Surtlings. My reasoning for this suggestion is that we have formidable close combat base protection via 2 star wolves and now the lox, but no ranged protection other than you and your friends trusty bow.

Obviously in the current state of the game this suggestion is not really relevant as the drakes and drake attack event are fairly easy to deal with. This suggestion is for potential future updates when new biomes are released (and hopefully) more crazy flying enemies. Even more relevant if irongate ever decides to make base defence more relevant. I chose surtlers because they’re pretty weak, so they wouldn’t have much use outside of base defence.

Here’s how it might work;

‘Tamed’ Surtlings:
With a special crafting table (like the artisan table) you can craft a friendly surtling for something like 10 surtling cores, with more cores potentially being used to spawn stronger Surtlings. They can be healed by using coal on them. They can not be bred. Upon death no cores are dropped.
(A similar archer skeleton friend could be implemented on this premise, created using a necromancy table or something).

Sentry Surtlings:
Basically craftable stationary Surtlings. As they’re not ‘living’ and upon their destruction they can just be remade by picking up the materials used to craft it, I would suggest these sentries be extremely difficult to make, so people wouldn’t bother having more than one per base if any at all. The idea I have is like 50 surtling cores and 20 of each metal bar. Super difficult to make, but a valuable defence.

Anyway, that’s the whole idea, a fart in the wind. Let me know what you think.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/qb425v/tameablesentry_surtlings/

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