The ability to block hits and not be staggered being tied to Max HP is bad design

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

Sorry if this has been brought up.

But your blocking ability being tied to your Max HP is just bad design IMO. I get what they were going for and I am ok with a blocking re-work if they don't want people being able to endlessly parry stun, etc., and I would even be ok if it was tied to your "theoretical" Max HP (like when you first pop all your food.

However, it being tied to current max HP means that you can start a fight being able to block all hits, but as your health slowly ticks down, you could lose the ability to block hits and now you are in a weird limbo where you can't eat any more food (because the timers aren't low enough), and you can't block hits because your HP is too low.

So now you have built your whole character around being slow and tanky and you can't really accomplish anything until you wait for food to override or you have to kill things immediately upon using food.

It is also really clunky to have to watch almost three UI bars (HP, Stam, Stagger bar). When before you only had to focus on Stam.

IDK, maybe I am playing it wrong, but it seems to me that the block ability is just tied to the wrong mechanic. I'm fine if they implement it, but Max HP seems like its not the way to go due to is causing a "limbo" phase of not being able to block like you could when you first ate.

I think the stagger system should just be worked into the individual shields. Either in one of the stats they currently have, or using a set number instead of Max HP which slowly ticks down over a fight, changing your ability to block as a long fight goes on.


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