The differences between Scav Raider and Glukhar’s Guard

A few threads have been opened up stating that they killed a Guard but they thought it was a regular Scav Raider, making them lose entire karma (is this bug or intended? Very harsh punishment) or just losing rep.

I got around 7.90 karma and I have been analyzing the Raider's AI since two days ago and with the help of 2 other players, I learnt some stuff.

Scav Raiders will:
– Ignore or issue a warning (by flipping you off and showing you direction to go) to friendly/neutral player scavs to leave.
– Open fire at non-compliant/neutral/hostile player scavs. They will also shoot friendly pscavs on sight if they have been attacked by someone else, be it fellow scav or PMC even though you did nothing.
– Wear caps (bear, usec, etc). They may sometimes wear helmets, usually low armor class.
– Wear a larger variety of backpacks including Beta2, Switchblade.
– Only spawn at Train Station (where the train arrives) or outside the underground bunker.
– Only spawn in teams of 3 to 4 max. Each team has a leader whom the members will always follow.
– Teams will almost always patrol outside and have designated scripted routes to go. Lever raiders will be near outside K (Temporary Storage Unit) and to the hills. Train raiders will typically be outside the train station and inside the train station. They all will patrol in the open going A to B and back forth. Furthermore, they may sometimes enter inside the K unit.

Scav Raiders will NOT:
– Be seen in any other places other than the K (Temporary Storage Unit) and Train Station areas.
– Greet you, thumbs up to you, etc. They will only flip you off and show you the direction, that's it. If you see them doing different interactions, it's either Glukhar's guard or a (p)scav/pmc.
– Wear high-end helmets (Altyn, Vulkan).
– Spawn at the beginning of the match until the lever is used (high chance of spawn) and/or when the train is about to come (30 mins into the raid, more or less).
– Make you lose any karma.

Glukhar's Guards will:
– Issue a warning (by flipping you off and showing you direction to go) to neutral player scavs to leave.ssss
– Open fire at non-compliant/neutral/hostile player scavs. They may also shoot them on sight if they have been attacked by someone else, be it fellow scav or PMC.
– Greet you, thumbs up to you, tell you to follow them, etc if you are a friendly (max karma) scav. Furthermore, they will ignore friendly (max karma) scav completely so sticking next to a guard or Glukhar is safe. You can even take a selfie with him if you wish.
– Wear helmets only. They will never wear caps. It's either helmet or nothing. Helmets are usually top-end (Altyn, Vulkan, etc).
– Stick near or next to Glukhar.
– Only be found at specific buildings such as South and West barracks, either of the Knights, K (Temporary Storage Unit), Train Station and underground of the bunker.
– Spread out and may go to nearby buildings. For example, if they spawn at K (Temporary Storage Unit), they may go to the underground of the bunker. If they spawn at western barracks, they may go to north barracks. The relocation is usually temporary.
– Follow only Glukhar. Where he goes, the guards will go. The only exception is when they visit the train, they won't follow Glukhar but will go to the train station with Glukhar.
– Have designated roles such as; assault, scout, etc. Assault usually stays outside and in fixed spots with scouts being lightly armored being the backbone of the squad, usually inside the buildings.
– Make you lose minor/massive karma.
– Protect you against enemies.
– Spawn at the beginning of the match in the above-mentioned locations.

Glukhar's Guards will NOT:
– Stay in the open as Scav Raiders do. Half (or full) of the squad tends to stay inside.
– Shoot and kill friendly (max karma) scav unless fired upon.
– Shoot you for looting their corpses.

– If you feel the raider is a guard, maybe he is.
– If you approach a raider for the first time and they instantly throw a grenade at you, they are most likely a Scav Raider.
– Glukhar's guards may sometimes flip you off whilst having max karma. Probably nothing to be alarmed about.
– Strangely enough, Scav Raiders and Scavs will not fight each other and may even work together to kill you if you are hostile. Killing a Scav Raider will also prompt every Scav to turn against you.
– Scav Raiders, if they decided not to kill you yet, will repeatedly refuse your orders. Glukhar's Guards will ignore and not react to your orders at all.
– Scav Raiders usually spawn with caps. Glukhar's Guards usually spawn with helmets.
– If Glukhar spawns at the K unit, maybe keep an eye on Lever Raiders as they will still shoot at you.
– Guards will greet Glukhar sometimes. Not sure if Scav Raiders will do the same thing.
– Glukhar's assault guards will post up in some positions and not move at all unless Glukhar decides to visit the train.
– Scav Raiders are a lot mobile troops than Glukhar's guards who will camp to protect their boss.

Hope it helps!


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