Tips to get better guns for cheaper (new players)

This is mainly towards people between level 10-20ish, before you get your traders leveled and can buy cheap attachments etc from them. I know Mosin, Hunter, sks etc are good budget weapons but here's something else. Hope these are useful to someone.

  1. MPX, some people sell suppressed MPX's with rails and everything ready to go for 40-50k. Just slap on your fav sight, grip and laser. Very nice budget weapon even with just pst gzh. Super cheap ammo / mags. Nice for runs where you don't wanna invest much but wan't the opportunity to be able to fight back.
  2. The glorious TX-15, you can snipe these for as low as 60-70k, supressed, rails etc included. You can either flip it and sell it for 110k~ to trader OR take most attachments off and use them with other weapon like M4, you can save a lot of money this way.
  3. The P90, rarely you can see someone accidentally selling it on flea supressed but the biggest thing is the ammo. Many people do not remove the mag and it might be filled with SS190, which usually goes for 2-3k each on the flea so if you like to do pistol runs with FN 57, it's an great way to get almost free ammo. Take ammo off and sell the gun to vendor. Do this for a while and you have couple mags full of good ammo. Just use the P90 and go ham.
  4. RPK-16, you can buy these with almost all attachments ready to go. Just slap on some of your fav cheap attachments and you get an 60~ ergo 60~ recoil gun around 100k (way cheaper and even better stats than modded ak's).


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