Constant Inconsistency?

Is there some kind of cheater/ban wave that occurs like every second week? One week, ill be having the time of my life; the next is a fucking night mare.

For example: the past week, my mate and myself have both broken our highest kill and damage count and have won fairly consistently, then all of a sudden even though our aim hasnt really faltered from the prior week, we get smashed from either what appears to be the best rng a player can have or straight up cheats.

Tonight alone, weve run into two definitive cheaters that we could prove from watching them play after we die, and many other players that seem slighly suspicious (that could just be the rage though).

I just wanna know if the situation is like a popular cheat gets banned, allowing us to have a week of bliss; until the next big cheat is made, or if im just straight up going delusional.

EDIT: just read an article that stated that respawn was considering implementing a "cheater lobby" system where players that were reported often would play against each other in their own lobbies, could this possibly be the case?


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